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el canelillo

A family and responsible company

In the middle of the Aconcagua Valley, central zone of Chile, is El Canelillo, a family business that grows 300 highly productive hectares of oranges, mandarines and avocados, destined for the most important world markets.

Our 1,500-hectare field is located in the town of Lo Rojas, commune of La Cruz, 120 kilometers northwest of Santiago, inserted in a unique climate and with the best conditions for the fruits to grow strong and tasty. In this place, since 1990, we have developed an environmentally friendly agricultural activity, linked to the community that lives in its environment and respects the natural characteristics of the place.

Our products are valued for their quality and safety in many countries in South America, North America, Europe and Asia; characteristics achieved thanks to the excellent climatic conditions, the terrain and sustainable production.

el canelillo

A vision come true

In 1990, Don Ernesto Noguera Gorget wrote the vision of what should be El Canelillo, the field he had fallen in love with a short time ago and considered the ideal place to carry out his family business project.

This text has since been the navigation chart that has guided us on our path of growth and will continue to do so in the future, as it responds to convictions and values that transcend traditional productive activity.

“Form a panoramic and beautiful field with ecological characteristics, whose buildings are aesthetic and well maintained, with well-kept gardens, lagoons and estuaries managed.

That trails are preserved through native forests, developing structural and panoramic roads that allow beautiful views of the property and its surroundings.

The development of the agricultural business should be based on technically advanced production, which considers highly efficient irrigation systems.

Our processes and products must have certificates of quality and yields equal to or greater than national and international standards that make us competitive in increasingly demanding markets. ”


We take care of the earth and nature that gives us its fruits

We have kept and maintained all existing native forests, characterized by species Such as, boldos, quillayes, peumos and litres intact. These large areas haven't been implanted with productive work.

Our Company

Our work team is fundamental in the development of the company

Much of what we have achieved is attributable to the work carried out by the nearly 45 people who work permanently in our field, to which hundreds more are added at harvest time.


The bound with the local community is very important for our company

This close and respectful relationship has been made through the Board of Neighbors and the small rural school in the sector, where children arrive to study after walking miles and that has stood out for its academic results.