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Fruit shape is round, medium sized and reddish orange attractive. It has Relatively pronounced longitudinal grooves in the area of the fruit pedicel, Which is undesirable for some markets. Your skin texture is similar to other navel oranges thickness. According to the California experience Tends to produce chimeras and spontaneous mutations, taking careful Requiring When propagating material.


Cara Cara

Cara cara round shape is orange, bright orange, with a characteristic reddish pulp That unlike the rest of navels and medium or large. It has a bark is an intermediate, firm and slightly rough thick, bright orange with a somewhat more prominent than other varieties of Navel belly button.


Lane Late

The fruit is round in shape, soft and thin skin, paler and slightly pronounced navel. It is characterized by high adhesion to the stem, so that can be maintained in the tree for a prolonged period, with smaller drop than other varieties of the Navel group. The fruit rind is quite firm, so it stays up late, without losing commercial quality, although in many orchards can develop granulation. It has a lower incidence of clareta (creasing) than other varieties of the Navel group.


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At El Canelillo we strive to provide our customers with a consistent and safe supply of premium fruit. Our oranges, tangerines and avocados travel to the most important world markets, being valued for their quality and safety.